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Design, Analysis and Application of Wound Truss Concept for UAV

Reduction of weight while maintaining strength has been a major necessity in the field of Aerospace from its beginning era. This is mainly achieved by implementing different load bearing structures throughout the Aircraft frame. Another, methodology using various lightweight materials like Balsa, Aluminium etc. For conventional aircrafts, structural elements like wing-spar and some longitudinal members are constructed using I-beam which provides the necessary strength without including much weight. This paper mainly addressers at replacing I-beams with a Wound Truss concept which can provide better strength and stiffness while weighing just a fraction of the I-beam structure of the same dimensions. Various truss models were designed through CATIA software which were later exported to ANSYS software. Further analysis and comparison were proven through mathematical simulation. An application model of Quadcopter was designed and analysed. With the results of analysis, the quadcopter prototype model was fabricated to further study its behaviour in the real-world performance environment. On the basis of the prototype tests, it is known that, the wound truss structure proved to be much efficient structural member in providing better strength to weight ratio. Keywords - Strength to Weight Ratio, Wing-Spar, Wound Truss, Lightweight Structures, I-Beam Member, CATIA, ANSYS, UAV.