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Stiffness Analysis of 3-RPS Parallel Manipulator

In numerous applications, the moving platform of a parallel manipulator is in contact with a stiff environment, and applies force to the environment. As the Jacobian transpose is a projection map between the applied force to the environment and the actuator forces causing this moment. In this area, we concentrate on the deflections of the manipulator's moving platform that are the consequence of the applied moment to the environment. This deflection is the function of the stiffness and the force applied, in this way the stiffness has the immediate effect on positional accuracy of the manipulator . In this paper we examine the stiffness analysis by analytical method and numerical method. The analytical model for the 3 RPS parallel kinematic manipulator is inferred by putting the unit vectors of the fixed base, actuators, fixed leg and the moving platform into last jacobianmatrix. For the case study, the perfectly rigid links are considered and main sources of compliance come from the compliance of the actuators. Keywords - Parallel Manipulator, Platform, Stiffness, Environment, Jacobian, Deflection, Actuator.