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Evaluation of Response Reduction Factor of Elevated Storage Water Tank under the Hydrostatic Pressure

Whereas seismic design based on deformations is a concept that is gaining ground existing codes are fundamentally force-based, with a final check on deformation. A central feature of force-based seismic design is the response modification factor(R). The response modification factor plays a key role in the seismic design of the structure. To date, the values assigned to this factor are based on engineering judgment and have little sound technical basis. Any improvement in the reliability of modern earthquake resistant structure will require the systematic evaluation of the response characteristics that most affect values assigned to the factor. Currently, R factor assigned is based on several assumptions that are for regular structures. The R factor depends on ductility factor, over strength factor, structural redundancy and damping associated with structure. Thus this study sims to evaluate and compare the response modification factor for overhead water tank and water tank with varying staging height and seismic zone for tank full, tank empty and partially filled condition. Keywords - Response Modification Factor, Seismic Design, Elevated Water Tank.