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Reduction of Kick Force in Four Stroke Moped Using Combined Approach of DMAIC and Shainin System

In today’s highly competitive globalized market, to remain competitive and successful, the companies must focus on their process efficiency as well as defect free products. The companies have initiated different quality improvement methodologies to improve their quality of processes as well as products. The present study was aimed to reduce the kick force from 280N to 210N as the high kick force is the major customer complaint in four stroke two wheeler moped. Six sigma DMAIC methodology and Shainin system have been adopted to reduce the kick force by controlling the process variations and optimizing the design. In each phase of DMAIC methodology, different tools and techniques were used for problem solving. The Shainin experimentation was used in the analysis phase to identify the dominant causes for the problem. The process capability improvement in critical parameters and the optimization of diameter of pin decompression, the kick force was reduced and the average value of 200N was achieved. The sigma level was improved from 2.49 to 3.55 Keywords - Kick Force, Shainin System, DMAIC, Dominant Causes, Process Capability, Sigma Level, Paired Comparison