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Appearing of Quasicrystal in Ti – Based Ti-Zr-Ni-Mg Compound Materials

Various methods for hydrogen storage have been proposed by many researchers. Magnesium (Mg) was known as one of the most famous hydrogen reservoir materials due to its low cost and good stability when reacting with hydrogen. However, the energy and temperature used for hydrogen adsorption of Mg was quite high. In order to improve these disadvantages, alloying method was used by adding Mg into Ti-based quasicrystal (Ti-Zr-Ni) . The Ti-based quasicrystal was a high capability material for hydrogen absorption due to a large number of interstices in the icosahedral quasicrystal (iphase). This study was to investigate the icosahedral quasicrystaland crystal phase of mixed materials between Ti-based quasicrystals (Ti-Zr-Ni) and Magnesium (Mg).Mechanical alloying process was conducted under two conditions including; (i) rotation speed of 600 rpm with 20 hours milling time and (ii) rotation speed of 630 rpm with 30 hours milling time. The nominal composition was Ti45-xZr38Ni17Mgx (x = 2, 4).The results from XRD analysis indicated that i-phases and crystal phase were appeared for both conditions that the proposed materials could be used as a hydrogen storage material. Keywords - Quasicrystal, Mechanical Alloying, Hydrogen Storage Material, Magnesium.