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Influence of Artificial Aging on Mechanical Properties of Rolling and Semi-Solid Casting Aluminium Alloy 2024

This work was aimed at investigate the mechanical properties of rolled and semi-solid casted aluminium alloy 2024, T6 heat treatment as follows : solution treated at 505 ºC for 4 h followed by quenching in water at room temperature and then artificially aged at 190 ºC for 12 h,15 h and 18 h, was carried out Rockwell hardness scale B (HRB) and tensile tests were investigated for mechanical properties. Optical Microscope was used to illustrate the microstructure. It was found that maximum hardness was observed at 15 hours aging time for both Al2024.Maximum strength of rolled Al2024 was found to higher than that of semi-solid casted Al2024. It might due to influence of cold work of the rolled Al2024. Keywords - Aluminum alloy 2024, Aging, Precipitation, Mechanical property