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Vibration and Strength Analysis of a New Type of Mecanum Wheel based on FEM

There are a lot of challenges when it comes to the development of a new design for a power wheelchair. Those challenges are mainly related to maneuverability and the comfort of the user. One of the challenges is the capability to move in tight areas. This capability mainly depends of the design of the wheel. In this project, the main objectives are giving a better maneuverability for wheelchairs, and consequently improve the life of the users, that is the reason why mecanum wheels were chosen for this project. This paper is investigating the comportment of the mecanum wheel due to vibrations in the structure as well as providing a static analysis of the mecanum wheel using SOLIDWORKS tools. The results showed that the design is reliable and stable and can carry out a person with 80 kilograms. Keywords - Mecanum Wheels; Rollers; Omnidirectional; Wheelchair; Vibration;