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The Study of Tribological Properties in Conjunction with A Radial Piston Motor

Hydraulic motor is an area of exploration of paramount importance, but it does not depend viscosity of the hydraulic fluid alone. At low speeds and high torque conditions, hydraulic motors operate in the boundary regime and, thereby causing surface interactions of lubricant additives to have an effect on the friction and thus the system efficiency. This is of importance because they can be used to delve into research and development of fluids that can improve motor efficiency whilst revealing the need for an effective additive package so as to ensure that the other properties of the fluid remain intact as it attempts to attain improved motor efficiency. Thus this study investigates the study of tribological properties in conjunction with a radial piston motor and how its knowledge can be utilised to improve efficiency of the motor and thence the system. Keywords - Hydraulic Motors, Tribochemical, Radial Motor, Stribeck Curve