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Development of Pin-Hinge of Jet Engine with Substitute Nickel-Based Super Alloy

This paper presents the development of Pin-Hinge of jet engine with indigenously developed nickel based super alloy. Our study was focus on identification of suitable nickel based super alloy to substitute the original high cost material, a cobalt base super alloy. For this the chemical and mechanical properties of original material of Pin-Hinge were investigated and compared with available indigenously developed nickel based super alloys. The prototypes of Pin-Hinge were developed with indentified nickel based super alloy by selecting required set of machines with correct machining parameters. Functional Testing of developed prototypes as per the test schedule parameters after providing required heat treatment was carried out by installing them in the jet engine. After initial functional test run a second service run on engine test rig in actual working condition was given to check the ability of the developed prototypes in hot working zone. The post functional data were collected to evaluate the performance of developed prototypes of Pin-Hinge. Keywords - Pin-Hinge, Cost, Super Alloy, Aerospace Material