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Alternate Fuel for High-bypass and Low-bypass Turbofan Engines

As the title itself suggests, alternate fuel for turbofan engines, that is “Acetylene gas” whichis extremely flammable, efficient and can successfully replace and extend the life of our present fossil-fuels. Fossil-fuels are one of non-renewable sources of energy and have a limited capacity which will inevitably exhaust. By the current rate of production and usage in transportation industry, humanity has about 50 years of fuel left. Many research activities are being carried out in order to study the combustion chamber of turbofan engines with alternate fuels or as a „blend‟ with the currently used fuels. Road and air transportation are the most widely used modes of transportation today and also the most polluting. Many motor vehicles have started using Electric motors instead of IC engines. The revolutionary production of electric cars has been a boon for the environment and they also deliver outstanding performance. Today, aircraft engines have become the 2nd highest fuel consuming and the highest carbon emitting engines in the world. This project is a big step which will revolutionize this world, making it clean and a less carbon emitting one and achieving a „petrol-free energy system‟ by successfully replacing Jet-A fuels with acetylene. Keywords - Alternate Fuel, Turbofan Engines, Calculations (Theoretical), Emissions, Performance.