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An Experiment Analysis of Coal Pulverizer on Combustion Performance of Coal Fired Boiler

In a pulverized coal-fired power plant, mixture of pulverized coal and Primary air is supplied into the furnace. In a typical 500 MW thermal power plant, the residence time between top burner line and nose arch is less than 2 seconds. Thus, homogeneous mixture should be maintained so as to ensure efficient combustion. The coarse particle entering the furnace will result in delayed combustion which increases the unburned carbon in fly ash whereas high primary air flow would have adverse effects like higher slagging, higher auxiliary power, higher emissions etc., Thus, this paper investigates and reports the results of coal fineness, fuel flow and air flow by carrying out Dirty air test and isokinetic coal sampling of 500 MW tangentially fired power plant. The results indicate that the dirty air is balanced at all the four corners whereas the fuel flow is imbalanced at corner 2,3 and 4 and the coal fineness at all the corners is within limit. Keywords - Fuel Fineness, Unburned Carbon, Isokinetic Coal Sampling.