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Investigation of Effect of Cutting Parameters on Tool Life in Orthogonal Cutting of AiSi316 Stainless Steel

This study was conducted to determine the specific role of the effect of machining parameters spindle speed, feed rate and depth of cut on tool life during machining of AISI 316 under dry environment. The analysis was conducted under three different spindle speeds (300, 460 and 755 r.p.m.); feed rates (0.08, 0.1, 0.12mm/rev) and depths of cut (0.4, 0.8, 1.2mm). The used tools were coated carbide (WP9335) and HSS Co. The results showed that the spindle speed had the most significant effects on tool life than feed rate and depth of cut. The life of carbide tool when cutting the work materials was 473 sec, where the life of the HSS 65 sec, at spindle speed 300 rev/min, feed rate 0.08 rev/min and depth of cut 0.4mm, The shortest life of the two cutting tool materials (HSS, carbide) on the work material occurred at cutting speed (755 rpm), feed rate (0.12 mm/rev) and depth of cut (1.2 mm). The increment of spindle speed, feed rate and depth of cut values has great effect on the tool life. Keywords - Cutting Parameters, Cutting Tools, Tool Life, Turning, Dry Machining