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Utilization of Waste Sludge as a Potential Additive in Asphalt

In today’s era, bituminous mixes are often used in pavement construction globally. Due to the excessive construction recently, the naturally occurring material like asphalt which is a byproduct of crude oil is depleting at a fast pace. There is an urge to find an alternative for the same. Also lately, numerous waste materials have resulted from manufacturing operations, service industries and household in which several millions of non-biodegradables are produced. If not taken care of, they will persist in the same state for a considerable time and thus causes hazardous problems to the environment and human life. The best possibility is to use these waste in civil engineering work as huge amount is used in a short span of time. Therefore in the present work, an attempt is made to use sludge containing calcium carbonate (CaCO3,) which is a waste product from the industry as an asphalt modifier. Keywords - Modified Bituminous Mix, Marshall Stability, Modified bituminous Binder, Waste Sludge.