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Design and Development of Load Cell Data Acquisition System for Plane Bending Fatigue Testing Machine for Glass Fiber Reinforced Polyester Composite (GFRP)

Glass fiber reinforced polyester composite materials are used for preferable structures in fan blades, wind turbine, land transportation and also in aerospace, military, and automotive industries, also in sports such as golf, fishing, skiing and in the naval industry. This specimen is made up of a combination of glass fiber and polymer matrix. This material is used to improve mechanical strength, resistance to damage from outside and inside and to maintain a fixed shape. We have developed a fatigue machine to test the fatigue limit of the specimen, we are applying a plane bending fatigue test on the specimen. The machine is used to take different Fatigue life ratio(S/N), and modal testing was conducted to determine the change in the modal parameters. Fatigues loading are tested for specific intervals to determine the fatigue life of the specimen. The change in the modal parameters provides proper means for predicting fatigue behavior of the specimen. Keywords - Fatigue Limit, Fatigue Strength, Plane Bending, Number of Cycles, Non-Homogenous, Anisotropic, Composite, Non-Destructive Tool.