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Static Stiffness Analysis of Car Seats based on Experimental and Numerical Investigation

The static stiffness of the car seat can reflect the hardness of the seat and vibration attenuation of the seat cushion and backrest. Therefore, the research on static stiffness is an important aspect of dynamic comfort of car seats. Based on the finite element method, a finite element model of seat frame is established, and the reliability of the model is verified by modal test. Then the seat is tested by static load in accordance with standards, and the static stiffness and hysteresis deformation rate of the seat cushion are obtained. The simulation analysis of the seat model with cushions is carried out, and the results are compared with the experimental data. It is found that of the simulation results correlate well with experimental data on static stiffness, but the hysteresis deformation rate has a certain error. This study provides a reference to simulate polyurethane materials of cushions, and simulation methods for the study of seat dynamic comfort. Keywords - Car Seat, Modal Analysis, Seat Static Stiffness, Finite Element Method, Polyurethane.