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Structural Analysis of Compressor Impeller of Turbocharger by Changing The Blade’s Thickness

In this paper, it is presented that the stress analysis of the compressor impeller of turbocharger in locomotive diesel engine. The centrifugal compressor is the key component of turbochargers. The main aim of this paper is to analyze the stress variation on the blades of compressor impeller by changing the blade’s thickness. Air is used as working fluid and aluminium alloy material is used for impeller. The model of the impeller is drawn by using SolidWorks2016 and is analyzed by using ANSYS14.5. The design of the impeller, 68000 rpm is considered for this research. By changing the blade’s thickness from 2mm or 3mm or 4mm, the stress is increased for thicker blades. The maximum von-Mises stress and effective strain of the blade’s thickness (2mm)are found better results than other two thicknesses. Keywords - Analysis, Blade’s Thickness, Impeller, Stress, Strain, Turbocharger.