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Numerical Analysis of The Efficiency For Axial Flow Hydro Turbine on The Effect of Mass Flow Rate

The axial flow hydro turbine is placed for small water flow rate and low head application. Axial flow hydro turbine consists of guide vane mounted in the stationary casing and blades attached on the hub. This turbine consists of four runner blades, number of guide vane is 6 and guide vane angle is 73˚. In this study, the available head and flow rate are 3.4 m and 0.14 m3/sec. Blade twist angle is 59˚. Hydrofoil shape of runner blade was selected NACA 6412 and modeling the blade geometry used Solid Works software. In this paper, numerical analysis of the efficiency for axial flow hydro turbine by changing the different mass flow rate using ANSYS CFX software. For the analysis, the inlet boundary conditions was applied different mass flow rate ranges from 110 kg/s to 170 kg/s and rotational speed is 1555 rpm. From the flow analysis were carried out the results show that the power was developed by turbine runner increases with increasing flow rate. The maximum torque of the turbine is 23.01 N-m, shaft power is 3.748 kW and also efficiency is 80.26% at mass flow rate150 kg/s. Keywords - Axial Turbine, Mass Flow Rate, Efficiency, ANSYS CFX.