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A Non-Linear Composite Finite Element Model for a New FRP Strengthening Technique against Shear Buckling of Steel Plate Girders

This paper presents the numerical simulation of an experimental study aimed for proposing a novel FRP strengthening technique to strengthen the webs of steel plate girders against breathing fatigue reducing the critical stresses and consequently increasing the life expectancy of the bridge. The proposed technique is economic, easy to install and is also designed for increasing the ultimate capacity of the strengthened specimens by 88% while maintaining the typical ductile shear failure of the steel plate girders, which is something not common with other strengthening techniques. A non-linear finite element model is developed and verified against the experimental data in this study. This model will be used to perform an extensive parametric study for the purpose of proposing a new design method for shear buckling of the new composite section. The model also includes a simplified approach to determine the orthotropic mechanical properties of the proposed FRP section which proved to be accurate when compared to the experimental results of this work. Keywords - Buckling; CFRP; Composite; Fatigue; Finite Element; Modelling; Plate girders; Shear; Steel Bridges; Strengthening.