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Development of Genetic Programming Model for Prediction of Cutting Forces in Rotary Milling

There has been huge requirement and immense interest to develop the novel technologies in the metal machining and defence industry because of the improvement of tool substances reached optimal stage. The cutting tool life was drastically reduced while machining of difficult to cut materials such as titanium based super alloys; Nickel based super alloys and structural composite materials. Here the novel technology to increase tool life is self propelled rotary machining. The manufacturers were developing such tools to increase the productivity. In this work face milling operation was carried out on Inconel 625 a Nickel based super alloy which is widely consumed in industries like aerospace and defence. After conducting experiments predictive models were developed using multi gene genetic programming (MGGP) to predict the cutting force. The cutting force which is predicted using MGGP had the better correlation with the experimental values. Keyword - Rotary Machining, MGGP, Inconel 625, Nickel Based Super Alloys.