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Numerical Simulation of E-Glass Mat, Kenaf Mat and Flax Mat Reinforced Hybrid Composite Materials

In this research paper tensile strength of laminated natural fiber reinforced hybrid composite material analyzed on the ANSYS ADPL 17.0 by using static structure module. All the stress, strain, stored energy, deformation and all other properties estimated in the both diagram and tabular form and aggregated with the experimental work. Modelling and analysis done as per ASTM standard. Natural fiber used as reinforcing element, replace the synthetic material due to specific strength to weight ratio, low density and biodegradability used in the automobile application, textile industry etc. GKFHC materials consist with the two different BF (kenaf and flax) and glass fiber by using the thermosetting matrix. Experimentally laminate created with the help of hand lay up technique and its testing performed on UTM. Presently specimen prepared on static structure module and solution tool gives the required output data. This is economical and quite easy process for the estimation mechanical characterization and other physical, thermal and all relevant properties. Keywords - GKFHC, BF, ASTM Standards, Thermosetting Matrix, ANSYS ADPL.