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Solar Powered Incinerator

The incinerator right now in use is for only commercial purpose at city level or at industry level. The purpose behind the current incinerator is to reduce the mass of the solid waste that may be organic or inorganic up to 90-95%. So, as to reduce the land-fills area. It burns the waste in the presence of the oxygen and leaves some adverse footprints on the environment. The incinerator used for the agricultural utilization performs the only function of reducing the waste only. The use of solar energy is not yet incorporated into the designing yet much effectively. The designed incinerator is basically for an agriculture purpose only. This incinerator is effective for a dry waste. This incinerator is different in many ways as it is solar powered, burning of waste is carried in the absence of the oxygen and it leaves no footprints on the environment. It is designed for low cost and the maintenance is also less comparatively to the market incinerator. Keywords - Agricultural-Waste, Gasification, Solar Powered, Reactors, Wood-Gas.