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Modeling and Control of Automatic Ball-Shaped Tapioca Pearls Forming Machine

A novel mechanism for automatic forming of the tapioca pearls is presented in this paper with analytical and experimental studies. A system modeling and control technique are adopted for the forming machine driven by two servo motors. One servo motor is used to force two parallel cylinder rollers to do roll motion. The other motor is used to control the gap between the two rollers. Through the synchronous control of the two motors, the required ball size of the tapioca pearls can be achieved. The precise synchronous control of the two motors is the key point. Therefore, an accurate system mathematical model is given for the proposed system. A synchronous control scheme is adopted then applied to the model obtained using the proposed technique. The simulated and experimental results substantiate the constructed system model and demonstrate the effectiveness of the control scheme. Keywords - Automatic Tapioca Pearls Forming Machine, Synchronous Control, System Modeling.