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A Proposed Model for Utilizing Waste Heat of IC Engine to Run Air Conditioner of Automobiles

Global demand for energy is rising at a rate faster than exploration and production of traditional fuel resources can support. As a result new energy sources, specially clean energy sources must be developed and exploited as quickly and efficiently as possible. Harnessing of waste heat of an automobile represents a realistic and cost effective alternative to use of fossil fuels. In this paper the cooling of the cabins of automobiles (cars, trucks etc.) using waste heat of exhaust gas and engine is mentioned. The greatest advantage of the system is that it does not require any conventional energy source. The system consumes no energy other than the electricity required to charge the batteries. The system can effectively produce a temperature difference of 8-100 Keywords - Vcr, Var, Pmdc, PRV, Peltier Cooler, Dionised Water, Steam Turbine Cogenerator, Heat Sink Fans, Blower Fan.