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Coconut Fibre Reinforced Concrete

Reinforcement of concrete is necessary to enhance its engineering properties. For this study, coconut fibres were used as they are freely available in large quantities. The study comprises of comparative statement of properties of coconut fibre reinforced concrete with conventional concrete based on experiments performed in the laboratory. The use of coconut fibres will also lead to better management of these waste fibres. The addition of coconut fibres improved the flexural strength of concrete by about 12%, they also formed good bonding in the concrete. The study found the optimum fibre content to be 3% (by weight of cement). Further work is required by changing the fibre content and aspect ratio to determine the optimum range of fibre content so that fibre reinforced concrete can be used where high flexural strength is required. Keywords- Coconut Fibre in Concrete, Flexural Strength of Concrete.