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Hydraulic System Design for Electric Sweeper Car Prototype

Waste problem in Indonesia, especially in the urban areas, has been left unresolved. This phenomenon is caused by the significant increase in the development of urban areas in Indonesia, that contributes to the rise in the remnants of the development in the form of waste. One of the measures taken by the governments to deal with the problem, in addition to using human power to clean up the litter in the streets, is by using sweeper cars. However, the sweeper cars’ high price as a result of the import fees has been regarded as an obstacle. Taking this recent condition into account, a research that intends to invent a new technology for more affordable and eco-friendlier sweeper cars needs to be performed, considering sweeper cars in Indonesian market are still using fossil fuel. A prototype of electric sweeper car is a new breakthrough in sweeper car technology as it is mainly powered by electricity. This research aims to design a hydraulic system for the electric sweeper car prototype using SolidWorks software and also to design a hydraulic component layout and a hydraulic circuit (using FluidSIM software), and to calculate the specifications of the cylinder, hydraulic pump, and electric motor. The design yielded a result in the form of specification data of hydraulic system, which consists of several parts: external gear pump with displacement of 1,16 cc/rev and power of 110 watt, electric motor with power of 550 watt and speed of 1200 rpm, cylinder sweeper & arm with inside diameter of 12 mm, rod of 8 mm, stroke of 200 mm, cylinder vessel with inside diameter of 40 mm, rod of 22 mm, stroke of 500 mm. Moreover, cylinder vessel door has inside diameter of 16 mm, rod of 10 mm, stroke of 500 mm, tank with 16 liters capacity, 4/3-way control valve, and solenoid. In addition, sweeper control system uses lever and dump vessel uses button. Keywords - Hydraulic System, Electric Sweeper Car, Sweeper Car