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Performance Evaluation of the Photovoltaic Generator (13.944MWp) in GRID6 Connected PV (Saida, Algeria)

The aim of this investigation is to analyze the performance of one array grid connected with a capacity of 13.936 MWp for one year (from January 2018 until December 2018). This study was carried out according to standardized norms (International Electrotechnical Commission) IEC 61724. This array is located in Ain Skouna solar PV plant situated in Saida province (Algeria). The normalized indicators studied are array yield, final yield, reference yield, module efficiency, inverter efficiency, system efficiency, performance ratio, capacity factor, and energy losses (array capture losses and system losses). The results found indicate that the annual average daily performance ratio (PR) of the studied array has an average value of 86.26%, which is greater than 80%. This value corresponds to a system whose performance approaches the ideal performance under STC conditions. Thus, Ain Skhouna plant has a very interesting performance index which confirms that it operates under good conditions without degradation. Keywords - Photovoltaic Array, Standardized Performance, Grid Connected PV.