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The Effect of Heat Treatment on the Mechanical Behavior of Fe-Cr-Al based OPH Alloy

The Fe-Al Oxide Precipitation Hardened (OPH) alloy is new generation of Oxide Dispersion Strengthened (ODS) alloys which is famous group of material based on their high temperature properties. The general production process of OPH alloys consists of a mechanical alloying process to create a material with a ductile matrix and hard oxide dispersion. Two variants of Fe-Cr-Al based OPH alloys developed by the authors to investigate the thermomechanical properties under different conditions. The results show that the heat treatment has a significant role on the mechanical properties of OPH alloys as well as microstructure development. It can improve the ultimate tensile strength (UTS) up to 100% while improving the elongation to almost 20%. Keywords - OPH Alloys, Fe-Al, Heat Treatment, ODS Alloys