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Chassis Design for Electric Sweeper Car Prototype Unit

Organic and inorganic residual waste and litter have become one of the never-ending problems in rural and urban areas and therefore a special care is required to deal with this particular problem. Sweeper cars have been part of this special care in addition to efforts utilizing human power. However, this attempt has its limitation considering their high price after factoring in the import cost. Taking this condition into account, a research on sweeper car that incorporates latest technology and is affordable, yet eco-friendly needs to be conducted. It is because sweepers cars in the market generally use fossil fuel which is not eco-friendly. An electric sweeper car prototype is a newest breakthrough in technology because this sweeper car is electrically powered. This research aims to design a chassis of an electric sweeper car prototype that is safe to be used as a supporting frame of the weight that will be borne by the electric sweeper car prototype. The process of designing chassis was started from observing the design of the unit to get the exact and proportional dimensions to fixing the sweeper car components to the chassis. The entire process was done on SolidWorks 2017 software and later in order to determine the static weight of the chassis and safety factor value, a von Misses stress analysis test was carried out. Creating the design of the chassis yielded a result which contained information about material data of the chassis—it uses AISI 1045 mild steel which consists of 0.43% – 0.50% carbon. This material is chosen because this type of material is easy to be molded and also it has good engine capability and high ultimate and yield strength with maximum yield stress of 530 MPa. von Mises stress analysis test result showed that it has maximum stress value of 86.2 MPa and safety factor value of 6.14. Based on the data above, this design of chassis is considered safe and to meet the criteria for an electric sweeper car prototype. Keywords - Design, Chassis, Stress Analysis, Safety Factor