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Enhancement of Centerline Film Cooling Effectiveness by Incorporating Airfoil Deposition and Optimizing Ratios of Fluid Mechanical Variables: A CFD Approach

Film cooling technique is incorporated to lower the surface temperature of gas turbine components such as vanes, blades and combustor liners which are exposed to significantly higher environmental temperature resulting in greater thermal stresses and prominent reduction in life-span of hot components. In this study, the implementation of novel airfoil deposition is adopted on 2D-flat plate surface to further improve the film cooling effectiveness of conventional cooling techniques. Furthermore, 26 different cases are investigated to demonstrate the substantial impact of different ratios of blowing, velocity and momentum flux on flow behavior of coolant jet /mainstream and film cooling effectiveness. It was concluded that when airfoil deposition is employed the dramatic augmentation of average(η )and local(ηL) centerline film cooling effectiveness is achieved e.g. with airfoil deposition at X/D=30, BR=3.01, DR=2.74, and Rem=61760,ηLwas found 8.0% higher than the blade surface without deposition. Moreover, with the airfoil deposition at BR=3.0, DR=2.74, and Rem=61760, η was found 3.8% higher than the blade surface without deposition. It was noticed that the increment in blowing ratio and coolant jet density yield higher local and average centerline film cooling effectiveness. The optimal value of BR and DR found in this study was 3.0 and 2.74 respectively. Keywords - Gas Turbine, Film Cooling Effectiveness, CFD, Deposition Etc .