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Study about the Future of Electric Vehicles in the Current Indian Market

The implementation of force field analysis helps study the future mechanical and market development of electric vehicles (EV) in India. Some key points driving and opposing the future of EV depends on the underlying drivers behind these powers, and indications about the probability of a wide shift to bigger three-and four-wheel electric vehicles have been made. The key points that drive the development of EV are: enhancements in EV, innovation in batteries due increased quality and industry infrastructure, and flexible enforcement of EV standards. The biggest points opposing the development of EV are inclination towards gas or petroleum-derivative controlled engine vehicles, bans on EV because of security worries in urban territories and development of public modes for transit. A brief forecast has also been drawn in this paper by using the data comparing the other countries progress in the enforcement of EV and EV norms. The combination of these forces seems to support EV development. This development will probably drive a revolution along with advancement in the concepts and design of batteries and engines, the change from lead-corrosive to Li-particle batteries in EV, and the improvement of bigger EVs. Keywords - Electric Vehicle, Market Development of EV, Forecast of EV, On-Going Projects of EV in India