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Numerical Study on Performance of Reinforced Concrete Masonry Blocks Subjected to Lateral Loads

In this paper the behavior of building with reinforced concrete masonry blocks subjected to lateral forces like earthquake and wind loads was studied. Reinforced concrete masonry blocks used in the structure increases the stiffness of the structure. By proper utilization of this approach, the performance of the building is studied for different earthquake zones and different heights of the building. The comparison between plain and reinforced masonry is drawn for different parameters like deflection, stiffness, base shear, axial and shear stresses for different earthquake zones and also for different heights of the building using E-tabs software package. It was found that, for the considered framework by using reinforced masonry the building performs satisfactorily in one higher zone and with two additional floors. Keywords - Reinforced Masonry, Shear Stress, Axial Stress, Deflection, Stiffness, Base Shear.