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Voltage Reference in 10nm CMOS Technology

An improved bandgap reference has been designed with reference voltage variations from -40 to 125┬░C. The voltage reference is operated at the supply voltage of 1.8V to give a reference voltage of 1.4V with 1% tolerance w.r.t temperature and supply voltage. The proposed circuit has a temperature coefficient of 0.64 ppm/┬░Celsius, PSRR -40dB at 10GHz and line regulation of 0.21. The circuit is proposed to mainly consist of BG core circuit, current generator and start up circuit to improve the accuracy of voltage reference. The presented bandgap voltage reference is analyzed theoretically and is compared with different existing bandgap reference architectures know their key performance parameters identifying the improvements required in these types of circuitry. The proposed architecture which consists of both cascode current mirror and operational amplifier that makes the circuit more accurate and stable. The proposed circuit is designed in 10nm CMOS technology. Keywords - BGR, CTAT, PSRR, PTAT