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Dynamic Characterization of Wind Turbine Drive Train: Aerodynamic Torque Vs Combined Loading

The wind turbine drive train dynamic analysis when the drive train is subjected to pitching and yawing motions besides aerodynamic torque is discussed in the present paper. The flexibility of main shaft is accounted in the dynamic modeling. Previously, the authors have been carried out the coupled torsional bending dynamic analysis of wind turbine drive train by subjecting the drive train to stochastic aerodynamic torque loads. The previous model accounts for eighteen torsional degrees of freedom and the present model accounts for twenty four torsional degrees of freedom. From results it is concluded that pitch and yaw degrees of freedom are also equally sensitive to gearbox dynamics compared to torsional degrees of freedom. Keywords - Wind Turbine, Epicyclic Gearbox, Dynamic Characterization, Aerodynamic Torque, Pitching and Yawing Moments.