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Impact Assessment of a Generic Wave Farm on the Wave Conditions at the Entrance to Danube Delta

The aim of the present work is to assess the offshore and nearshore changes induced by different wave farm configurations that may operate near the Danube Delta, more precisely close to the Saint George sector. As a first step, the local wave conditions were established for a time interval covering the period from 1987 and 2016, being expected during an extreme event at wave heights of 6.6 m. As a next step, several case studies were defined in order to highlight the influence of a wave farm onto the local wave conditions. According to these results the wave heights may be significantly reduced by the presence of a wave farm, even if this is defined by a moderate absorption property. For example, in the case of a storm event a farm defined by a single line may attenuate the wave height by a maximum of 13.7 %, while in the case of a four lines layout this trend can go up to 59 %. Finally, we can mention that a combined wind-wave project may represent a winwin project for most of the coastal area, especially the ones from the Danube Delta that are severely affected by the erosion processes. Keywords - Coastal protection, Danube Delta, Shoreline impact, Waves, Generic farm.