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Dynamic Analysis of Darrieus Vertical Axis Wind Turbine Composite Blades

This paper gives a numerical and experimental investigation of the dynamic analysis of Darrieus vertical axis wind turbine (D-VAWT) which is suitable for countries have a moderate wind speed. The wind turbine performance can be improved using composite material blades. Also, corrosion and wear problems can be treated using light wind turbine blades manufactured from composite laminates. The lamination plate theory is utilized to compute the laminate extension, bending and coupling stiffness for each composite blade. Based on wind turbine design parameters, the Darrieus rotor– type vertical axis wind turbine models (D-VAWTs), aerodynamic characteristics (blade speed ratio () and coefficient of power (Cp)) and dynamic characteristics (natural frequencies and mode shapes) are presented.The mathematical finite element models (FEM) are developed to compute the dynamic-nature for composite blades. Modified mechanical parameters are introduced to improve the reliability and accuracy of the developed models.. As well as, this paper seeks to enhance investigation of numerical and experimental results through using a suitable experimental small prototypes of darrieusvertical axis wind turbine blades. The dynamic responses such as: frequency, mode shape and damping factor were extensively investigated using FFT analyzer. Keywords - H–Darrieus Wind Turbine – Aerodynamic Characteristics - Composite Materials – Finite Element Analysis – Modal Testing.