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A Study On Performance Of Ic Engines With Exhaust Energy Gas Harvester

The study is aimed at judicious use of energy by generation of electricity from the exhaust pressure of the IC engines and reducing the loss of pressure energy during the exhaust stroke. Thus the exhaust energy harvester can be the good prospect. The invention basically deals with the use of exhaust pressure energy which is wasted during the running process of IC engines. This consists of a turbine which is similar to the turbine of turbo charger of IC engines which is used for the design and composition. The exhaust pressure through the nozzle of exhaust manifold is axially pointed on the turbine which causes rotation of turbine and the pressure energy which thus converts into kinetic energy. And this rotating motion of the turbine is converted to electricity with the help of a portable generator thus the pressure energy of the exhaust stroke is used by converting into the electricity. The results are outputted in practical by increasing the throttle and the output power will also increase, which is presented in the form of observation graph. Keywords: Exhaust pressure, Exhaust manifold, Harvester