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Investigation of Dissimilar V-Joint of Steel Alloys with Copper and Brass using TIG Welding

The aim of this research was to explore the new domain of dissimilar welding owing to its increasing industrial applications. Using tungsten inert gas(TIG) welding technique, the four different materials Copper c15000,Brass c260, Mild Steel and Stainless steel were bevel-joinedeach with a sample of Stainless Steel as a base material, under controlled welding parameters. The experiments were performed using ER70S-6 Filler rod. The tensile strength of the specimens wasanalyzed, and stress-strain curve was obtained using Universal Testing machine(UTS). All the specimens depicted good weld strength with SS304-Mild Steel showing better quality. The highest tensile strength obtained was 42KN for Stainless Steel(SS304)-Mild Steel specimen compared to BC260-Mild Steel(28KN) and C15000-Mild Steel(25KN) specimens. It was concluded that the SS304-Mild steel sample showed optimal mechanical strength. These results are restricted under specified welding parameters and can be further optimized by varying different welding parameters. Keywords - Dissimilar Welding, TIG welding, V-Joint Weld, Steel Alloys, Copper Alloys, Brass Alloys, Radiography, Mechanical Testing