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Fatigue Crack Growth Analysis of Semi-Elliptical Crack in Thin-Pipes Subjected to Internal Pressure

This paper primarily deals with the fatigue crack growth behavior in a SA333Gr.6 carbon steel pipe subjected to internal pressure. The semi-elliptical cracks are considered in this paper for Internal Axial (IA) and Internal Circumferential (IC), External Axial (EA) and External Circumferential (EC) in the wall of carbon steel pipe. Stress intensity factor, K is taken into account to seek out the severity of crack growth at different crack location. The effect of the crack location and size of the crack on the pipe was highlighted and the analysis is carried out in ANSYS. Comparing the analytical and results from the literature has validated analytical procedures. It has been observed that Axial cracks are more critical than Circumferential cracks. It is also shown that the pipe thickness will have a significant effect on the fatigue life up to failure. Keywords - Stress Intensity Factor (SIF), Fatigue Crack Growth (FCG), Internal Axial Crack, External Axial Crack, Internal Circumferential Crack, External Circumferential Crack.