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A Multiband Band Pass Filter using Interdigital Capacitor Technique for 4G, WLAN and WIMAX

In this paper, a multiband band pass filter using interdigital capacitor is presented for fourth generation (4G) wireless communication application such as WLAN and WiMAX. The interdigital capacitor is used for required filter characterization. The stop band and pass band behaviour of the interdigital capacitor is investigated through the equivalent circuit model analysis. The reduction in resonator size and control over desired harmonic resonance frequency is also studied using interdigital capacitor. The proposed multiband band pass filter can be used for band1 (1.52 GHz-1.65 GHz) band2 (1.82 GHz-2.5 GHz) band3 (3.72 GHz-4.14 GHz) band4 (4.67 GHz-5.47 GHz) band5 (5.69 GHz-6.44 GHz) band6 (6.89 GHz-7 GHz). Keywords - Multiband Band Pass Filter, Interdigital Capacitor, GIL GML Substrate, Insertion Loss, Return Loss and Ansys HFSS.