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Set-up Time Reduction of a Manufacturing Line using SMED Technique

In the era of globalization manufacturing industries needs to increase their flexibility in production by using smaller batch sizes. However, this will lead to significant increase in setup time. Therefore, quick setup processes involving small batch sizes and greater flexibility is a need of hour. This paper focuses use of SMED (Single Minute Exchange of Die) and Lean Management concepts in forging industry to increase productivity, operational availability and better overall efficiency of the production line. The paper describes application of SMED concept and methodology as customized for reduction of changeover time in kalyani transmission technologies industry and demonstrates a live case that reduced change over time of micromatic OD grinding machine. Further, the work uses SMED methodology and other Lean Production tools such as 5S, Visual Management, Kaizen and Standard Work procedures were applied to reduce the setup time. As a result, the process setup time was significantly lowered (from 129 to 69 minutes). The percentage reduction in the set-up time47 %. . Keywords - Setup time Reduction, Bottleneck, Single Minute Exchange of Die (SMED) Internal activity, External Activity.