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Correlation between Ultrasonic Pulse Velocities and Physical and Mechanical Properties of Rocks

The objective of this study is to determine the correlation of physical and mechanical properties with ultrasonic pulse velocities of twenty-one rock types in Thailand. Rock samples are divided into six groups: volcanic, plutonic, carbonate, clastic, sulfate and silicate groups. Uniaxial compression test is performed to correlate the wave velocities with rock mechanical properties. X-ray diffraction analysis identifies mineral compositions of all post-test specimens. Results indicate that the static Young’s modulus and static Poisson’s ratio can be estimated from the dynamic Young’s modulus and dynamic Poisson’s ratio using linear equations. Poor correlation is obtained between wave velocities and rock compressive strengths. The wave velocities correlate well with the apparent porosity of all rock types tested here. Keywords - Dynamic Young’s modulus, Dynamic Poisson’s ratio, Wave velocity, Compressive strength