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Effect of Meshing Methods on Finite Element Analysis under the Identical Loading Conditions using ANSYS

In finite element analysis, meshing method is a critical issue. Finite element analysis is finding its way into the product development cycle for design validation primarily using commercial FEA software packages available.FEA is most widely used for the structural analyses. This paper presents study of the effects of mesh method on variation in total deformation and equivalent Von-mises stress using static structural analysis. Based on these results the guidelines for choosing the appropriate mesh method in finite element modeling are provided. The static structural analysis is carried out to know the effects of mesh method by using Ansys Software. The model under study is of a structure made up of structural steel. The model is subjected to the identical load conditions of pressure and force. By assigning different mesh methods for analysis, comparison is made on variation in total deformation values and equivalent Von-mises stress values. Keywords - Finite Element Analysis, Static Structural Analysis, Mesh Methods, Total Deformation, Von-mises Stress