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Improvement of The SHEFE Simulator Level Flight Performance Model using Flight Test Data

The use of flight simulators for crew training increases the safety and objectivity of the activity, optimizing time and reducing flight costs in real aircraft. The largest helicopter simulator developed in Brazil is the SHEFE, located at the Army Aviation Command. Engineers are continually working to enhance the simulated flight model to become more representative of real aircraft. This work aims to improve the level flight performance model of the SHEFE simulator. To achieve this goal, an AS550A2 Fennec aircraft was equipped with flight test instrumentation to collect the necessary parameters for model development. The test method used was to maintain the aircraft lift coefficient constant to create different performance curves, varying the weight and atmosphere conditions. The results obtained showed an increase in the flight envelope previously available in the simulator. Furthermore, through the resulting equation, it will be possible to increase the simulator's final level rating. Keywords - Flight Simulator, SHEFE, Flight Model, Flight Test Instrumentation, Level Flight Performance.