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A Review on Modification in Twisted Tape for Heat Transfer Enhancement

The present study is considered as a review on modification of twisted tape inserts. Twisted tape insert is used as a device to enhance the rate of heat transfer. In this review, several modifications of twisted tapes are considered. This includes half-length twisted tapes, double twisted tapes, short twisted tapes, broken twisted tapes, peripheral-cut twisted tape etc. Twisted tapes can be used in combination with other mechanisms of heat transfer enhancement which includes the usage of twisted tape with combination of other techniques like using tape in dimpled tube, grooved tube, corrugated tube etc. Further, the fluid to be used for heat transfer can also be altered. A nanofluid can also be used to further enhance the rate of heat transfer. Thus, this paper will give a brief review about the works related to enhancement in heat transfer by techniques involving twisted tapes. Keywords - Modified Twisted Tapes, Enhancement in Heat Transfer, Pressure Drop