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Optimistic Analysis of Air-Producer Gas Mixture Quality used for Diesel Engine Applications

Dual fuel engine operated with a producer gas suffer from air and producer gas mixture quality. In view of this, an attempt has been made to develop a producer gas Carburettor. 3D model of the carburetor has been carried out using ANSYS Space-claim. Meshing and flow analysis was done using ANSYS FLUENT, wherein pressure based solver along with k-╬ÁRealizable and species transport model was used. It was observed that there exist different motions of gas and air such as swirling, rotating and random motion leading to thermal turbulence in turn leads to good mixing of fuel with inducted air. Flow analysis was carried out for different mass flow rate of gas and air; it was observed that, the mass fraction of producer gas obtained at outlet is around 0.40. Also, negative pressure was observed at the outlet of Venturi-tube leading to increase in an amount of air and gas. Hydrogen gas was introduced through a tube at the throat of Venturi-tube to enhance the quality of producer gas. Keywords - Producer Gas, Dual Fuel, Air-Fuel Mixture, Carburetor