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Design and Development of an Investigation Robot for Pipes

Abstract - Robots are devised in such a way to dispose of human intervention from labor extensive and hazardous work environments. Pipe inspections fall in the same category due to the fact that they carry toxic chemicals and fluids. Furthermore, most of the pipeline segments have tiny internal diameters or bends which end up unreachable to humans. This paper discusses the detailed design and development of a pipe inspection robot programed by Arduino and equipped with a VPF live camera. The robot is equipped with angled- wheels for balance, remote maneuvering, and a live video transmitter. The robot will be placed inside the pipe and can be controlled for up to 1 km long pipelines. Pipeline defects or debris can be live monitored, and location detected. The robot also provides high-quality video which can be processed for further analysis. Keywords - Pipeline, Inspection, Cracks, Defects, Robot.