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Continuous Strip Casting of Aluminum Alloy A7075 by Twin Roll Casting Using Commercial Scale Machine

Abstract - Twin roll strip casting of aluminum alloy A7075 using commercial scale machine was operated. Twin roll casting process is able to produce a strip from molten metal directly. Thus this process has a possibility to reduce total cost of sheet making comparing to conventional rolling process. In this study, carbon sheets were attached to the roll to try to increase the load per unit width. It was possible to produce strips by twin roll casting. The effect of roll speed on the strip surface condition was researched. At roll speeds of 2 m/min and 3 m/min, strips could not be produced because the rolls stopped. At roll speeds of 5 m/min and 10 m/min, strips could be produced continuously. The microstructure of the produced strips was investigated. No difference in grain size was observed compared to the previous study. The tensile strength of the produced strips decreased with increasing roll speed. Keywords - Twin Roll Strip Casting, Aluminum Alloy A7075, Castability, Surface Condition, Load Per Unit Width