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Design and Development of Inspection Conveyor System

Abstract - Man from early days tried to automate things for his comfort but now lots of effort are going to achieve accuracy, precision, and speed in growing mass production industries. This paper proposes an automatic part sorting conveyor inspection system, which is based on real-time processing. A computer using a camera as an eye has replaced the manual inspection system. The conveyor has been designed with an indexing feature by using a timing belt with inserts for the moment of parts from one end to the other. Used technic called the tele centric measurement system for the measurement of the parts in 3D by using two set industrial cameras for measurement in both horizontal and vertical planes. the system has the capacity to measure a minimum measuring dimension of 40 microns and it has a trigger interval within 3ms. A deflector system is used consisting of a stepper motor attached to a deflector plate it will take an input from a measurement system and deflect accordingly to sort the parts. the whole system is integrated with the help of plc to make it a closed loop. As a result, the proposed machine can sort an average of 20 parts per minute in real-time. Keywords - Indexing conveyor, Tele centric measurement, Timing belt, Deflector system.