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Design and Development of Long Crank for E-Bike with Integrated Balancing

Abstract - Growing demand of energy is a concern all over the world. The introduction of e-Bikes could be one of the most important means of commuter transport and is the best technical application as a solution for the better world and upcoming generation dealing with pollution, energy and economy. E-Bike is a battery operated vehicle that is very economical with low maintenance cost and less pollution. The new concept of introducing the pedals to electric scooters can help to improve the mileage and efficiency of the e-scooter by giving it an extra energy input manually. Pedal has a torque sensor that engages the motor without the driver operating a throttle. This is possible with the manufacturing of bikes with long crank. The closed die forging process is one of the most adopted method for manufacturing the complex shaped parts(long crank) with satisfactory geometrical accuracy. An attempt is made to study the process parameters influencing the closed die hot forging and their interaction on long crank to make it a best suitable part for electric scooters. Finite element analysis has been carried out using FEM based DEFORM 3D software for simulation of the forging process. Keywords - Electric Two Wheeler, Crank, Battery, Fem, Deform 3d Ram Speed, Wad Dimension, Corner Radius And Flash Thickness, Allowances