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Wheelchair Control Using 3 DOF Head Gesture Recognition

Due to some diseases as parkingson, paralyzed wheelchair users cannot independently move. This project presents a 3 DOF automated microcontroller-based system to assist wheelchair users in controlling the motion of a wheelchair using head movements. The proposed system will assist quadriplegic handicapped people who are incapable of moving their arms and legs to steer an automated wheelchair. In order to achieve this goal, a novel head gesture recognition technique based on Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) sensor is used. The sensor device is mounted on the operator’s head, where it permanently measures orientation angles that are converted into adequate steering commands. The reading of the IMU sensor is sent wirelessly to the wheelchair control unit that can steer the motion of the wheelchair in any of the four directions. The automated wheelchair consists of the sensor unit carried by the driver and the mechanical system that is controlled by Atmel Microcontroller. The system can be used with several types of standard electrical powered wheelchairs. Keywords- Inertial Measurement Unit, Head Gesture Recognition, Wheelchair Control.